Since we’ve come back from our Covid ‘holiday’ we’ve been really pleased to see lots of newbies arrive, all eager to find out more about the kink lifestyle. This has made us realise that we need to get some information out to help educate everyone to the good and bad way to do our stuff. With that in mind the Demo for April will be:

BDSM Basics: Impact Play Safe Zones and Spanking Tips.
The Demo will focus on the areas of the body that are safe to strike and the areas to avoid. We will be looking at the anatomy of spanking and some of the implements used in impact play and their purpose.
It will be very ably presented by Mistress 44X, whose much lauded authoritative skills demonstrated every month at the Bridgend Munch, will ensure that no-one is talking at the back while the demo is running!
The demo will start at 3pm and run for at least 45 minutes, after which there will be time for questions, and quite often further one-to-one demonstrations on the topic. As usual there will be a limited number of seats available so if you want one come along in plenty of time to nab one. If you’d rather stand there is plenty of room available. Anyone with a £3 afternoon market ticket is free to watch.

We’re still building the market back up after the two-year hiatus, so please come along and check out our quality selection of traders, some of whom travel a fair distance to be with us and share their passion for the lifestyle with you.

Anyone who came along last month will have noticed our public dungeon area has increased in size due to a redesign and removal of the DJ booth. This meant we were able to space the equipment better, as well as being able to add more rope mats, although it also means we may have to buy more for when the Rope Workshop returns! One big improvement was the fitting of a new floor in there – now there’s no excuse not to wear those 5” heels!

From April there will now be a professional photo booth at the evening party, something we’ve been asked about for a while but always put on the back burner. This will be provided by Paintbox After Dark and will be in a totally screened off area. They’ll be only too pleased to hear from you if you have always wanted to be professionally shot in your fetish finery, or even in nothing at all! They’ll be positioned near to the public dungeon entrance so ideal if you were wanting to have some of your rope handiwork or marks from play immortalised.

This won’t affect our usual dedicated photo area – that will still be available for your informal snaps, or checking texts etc. Please remember that mobile phones are not to be used anywhere outside of that area at SWAMP – we will be checking!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 10th!

February Fireplay Demo 2018

With the new year now a good few weeks behind us, we gently drift into February. Cupid’s favourite month. The month of love or lurrrve, lust and fiery passions.

And what better way to warm those hearts and fan those flames of passion by joining us on Sunday 11th, for our February demo on alternative central heating with our old flames – The Fire Crew.

The Fire Crew – Hyperbolt, Grippa, Draconis666 and lil_emily will be here with one of our most popular, entertaining and visually stunning demo’s of the year. From mid afternoon and (usually) until the end of the evening, the gang are more than happy to singe, dab, burn, and caress your body with various torches. If this is something you have not yet tried, we can heartily recommend it, and if this is something you have not yet seen, we highly recommend it!

But wait, there’s more ………

As an added bonus this month, Painful Pleasures (one of our regular traders), have graciously agreed to hold a workshop in the evening for all things electrical. So for those who are interested in the electrical play side of things – from beginner to experienced, or if your curiosity has simply got the better of you, why not come along to the workshop (with no additional Charge, AMPle experience, Positive results, and discussing Current issues – yep, a shameless plug but I couldn’t resistOR getting in those electrical puns before I’m sent Ohm!)

Swamp, part market, part munch, part party, part educational/practical workshops, part gathering, but most importantly, all fun. A place where you can be comfortable and relaxed being whoever/whatever you would like to be.

Swamp Sunday February 11th February 2018 OMG Club, Frog Lane, Bristol – so many reasons to come early and stay for the entire event.

Hope to see you there.

Sunday 8th January 2017 – Half Price Sale!

On January 8th you can spend 11 hours amongst the region’s finest kinksters for just £5! Market only tickets remain at £3, but for this month only you can buy a Party ticket for just £5 (which still includes free entry to the market!).

The South West Peer Bondage Workshop will be taking place this month, starting at around 2.30 and running until approximately 5pm. Anyone with a market ticket (£3) is welcome to join in.

We’re sure there are a lot of people reading this who would love to come along and make a fresh start with new kinky friends, but don’t feel confident about doing so alone. I’m sure that those who came along for the first time in 2016 are pleased they did,  and we’ll do all we can to make your first experience a happy one.

So if you’ve ever wanted to give our party a try, this month has an added incentive. The SWAMP January Half Price Sale – only £5 for a full day’s kinkery!

October 12th – CBT Demo by Mistress Geo

Following on from the success of the previous two CBT demos at SWAMP, Mistress Geo Pinch will be conducting a follow-up CBT demonstration. This will be held at Swamp OMG starting at 3pm on Sunday 12th October 2014 – for the uninitiated CBT is Cock & Ball Torment.

CBT is one of Mistress Geo’s main specialties and her principal love, and she was one of the three organisers of the Dr Pinch Fashion Parade at the SWAMP venue in Bristol, April 2008; she conducted her first SWAMP CBT demo in 2011, and her second in 2012.

Mistress Geo believes that bringing CBT to the people is a noble cause, and although it’s not ever likely to rival the pub quiz in popular participation, there are those who will relish the opportunity to learn more about this singular activity, and those who will want to take their knowledge to the next level. Mistress Geo has designed her demo to appeal to complete beginners as well as to advanced practitioners and she will cover a wide range of CBT techniques and implements including, for the first time, “Ananke-“, who will be demonstrating the use of needles in Dr Pinch CBT devices.

As with the previous demonstrations, an extra attraction will be the presence of the creator of the unique “Dr Pinch” CBT devices, the mad genius Dr Pinch himself, who will demonstrate his collection and offer advice accrued from well over 50 years of practicing CBT. This will be a rare opportunity to draw on a deep well of experience in this art and, of course, aficionados of CBT are urged not to miss it.

There will also be a fashion parade with lovely ladies leading around live male models adorned with a variety of CBT devices!

The demo will take place at 3pm and entry is included in the £3 market ticket price.

South West Peer Rope Workshop on November 10th 2013

Visitors to SWAMP on November 10th will have the opportunity to take part in our bi-monthly Rope Workshop. This runs from approximately 2.30pm alongside the market and is proving to be an extremely popular way to spend a kinky Sunday afternoon.

The workshop is guided by a friendly bunch of very knowledgable twine afficianados –  Jahc and Mr & Mrs Rope, with the ever enthusiastic Tactile Mike, Tabby Kitten, and Parintachin helping out regularly.

The idea behind the workshop is a very simple one – a sharing of skills and learning and is very helpful for those who are just starting out and experimenting. There is no extra charge to attend once you have paid £3 to enter SWAMP.  All we ask is that you bring your own rope if you have any.

Swamp demo Oct 2013-b_200

We had a great October SWAMP  thanks to Mistress Geo and ‘pupils’ who entertained a large crowd with an informative and fun demonstration. We hope they will be back soon with further lessons on BDSM topics. You can find out more about Mistress Geo by visiting our Links section. The photos shown here were taken with our permission by scene photographer Funseeker_2013. Photography is strictly controlled at SWAMP and we do not allow any unauthorised cameras (including mobile phones) in the venue.

3 raised hands-b_200