The SWAMP Party

The SWAMP party starts at 7.00pm and finishes at 11pm. The cost is £10 per person and no pre-booking or membership is required, just pay at the door. Everyone and their friend is welcome to attend as long as you are 18 years of age and over. The only requirements are that you have an open mind and that you comply with our strict dress code.

There is a very good reason for having a dress code; if everyone is dressed accordingly it helps everyone to feel comfortable about showing off their individuality. Making an effort shows that you value your entry into our club and have not just fancied a bit of a change on a regular vanilla night out. We like to provide a safe and non-threatening environment whatever your persuasion, creating an atmosphere where people can have fun without unwanted attention spoiling their night out… and we do have a very good record of providing that… even if we do say so ourselves!

The dress code for the party includes (but is not limited to): fetish, leather, rubber, uniforms, gothic, tv, very smart black for the gentlemen and evening dress for the ladies. No jeans or trainers under any circumstance. If you have questions about a particular outfit please email first prior to travelling. You will be refused entry if you do not comply.

We provide a clean safe club with plenty of socialising areas, served by a bar stocking a full range of alcoholic drinks along with soft drinks and tea/coffee. We have separate public and private dungeon areas, both of which run from approximately 7pm – 10pm. Anyone attending the party is welcome to watch others play from a distance and its quite humbling knowing how many well known people in the scene started here. You can sit and drink and socialise all evening as many do. If you do not enjoy others watching while you play we have a private dungeon area which suits this purpose.

So what’s the difference between the two dungeon types?

In the public dungeon people are allowed to watch from a distance. In the private dungeon there are no spectators and only those involved in play are allowed access.

Both areas are constantly monitored by a Dungeon Monitor (DM) whose word is final. Please report any problems first to the DM and then to Steve.

Everyone is expected to conform to our Dungeon Etiquette which can be found by clicking here.

We do not have a Resident Mistress in attendance. Please do not attend if that is your sole purpose for visiting.

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