“I’d like to come along but I’m nervous” – What can I do?

We have nearly ten years experience of introducing nervous newcomers into the fetish scene, and have gained an enviable reputation for being known as a friendly place to find out more about the fetish scene. If you are new you may be surprised to learn that not everyone who visits SWAMP is an SM lifestyler or a part of the fetish scene. Many people use SWAMP as a resource to find out what it is that they do like. Many people just like to spend a day in a non judgemental environment and just chill out. Be assured that there is nothing that we have not heard or seen before and we are pretty unshockable.

We understand that to walk into somewhere new and talk to people you’ve never met before can be daunting and so we have a ‘meet and greet’ system in place to help you. Simply phone us on 07931794636 and we will meet you outside the club and accompany you around. Almost everyone who has made SWAMP their first foray into the fetish scene has wondered why they ever worried in the first place.

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