October 12th – CBT Demo by Mistress Geo

Following on from the success of the previous two CBT demos at SWAMP, Mistress Geo Pinch will be conducting a follow-up CBT demonstration. This will be held at Swamp OMG starting at 3pm on Sunday 12th October 2014 – for the uninitiated CBT is Cock & Ball Torment.

CBT is one of Mistress Geo’s main specialties and her principal love, and she was one of the three organisers of the Dr Pinch Fashion Parade at the SWAMP venue in Bristol, April 2008; she conducted her first SWAMP CBT demo in 2011, and her second in 2012.

Mistress Geo believes that bringing CBT to the people is a noble cause, and although it’s not ever likely to rival the pub quiz in popular participation, there are those who will relish the opportunity to learn more about this singular activity, and those who will want to take their knowledge to the next level. Mistress Geo has designed her demo to appeal to complete beginners as well as to advanced practitioners and she will cover a wide range of CBT techniques and implements including, for the first time, “Ananke-“, who will be demonstrating the use of needles in Dr Pinch CBT devices.

As with the previous demonstrations, an extra attraction will be the presence of the creator of the unique “Dr Pinch” CBT devices, the mad genius Dr Pinch himself, who will demonstrate his collection and offer advice accrued from well over 50 years of practicing CBT. This will be a rare opportunity to draw on a deep well of experience in this art and, of course, aficionados of CBT are urged not to miss it.

There will also be a fashion parade with lovely ladies leading around live male models adorned with a variety of CBT devices!

The demo will take place at 3pm and entry is included in the £3 market ticket price.

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