February Fireplay Demo 2018

With the new year now a good few weeks behind us, we gently drift into February. Cupid’s favourite month. The month of love or lurrrve, lust and fiery passions.

And what better way to warm those hearts and fan those flames of passion by joining us on Sunday 11th, for our February demo on alternative central heating with our old flames – The Fire Crew.

The Fire Crew – Hyperbolt, Grippa, Draconis666 and lil_emily will be here with one of our most popular, entertaining and visually stunning demo’s of the year. From mid afternoon and (usually) until the end of the evening, the gang are more than happy to singe, dab, burn, and caress your body with various torches. If this is something you have not yet tried, we can heartily recommend it, and if this is something you have not yet seen, we highly recommend it!

But wait, there’s more ………

As an added bonus this month, Painful Pleasures (one of our regular traders), have graciously agreed to hold a workshop in the evening for all things electrical. So for those who are interested in the electrical play side of things – from beginner to experienced, or if your curiosity has simply got the better of you, why not come along to the workshop (with no additional Charge, AMPle experience, Positive results, and discussing Current issues – yep, a shameless plug but I couldn’t resistOR getting in those electrical puns before I’m sent Ohm!)

Swamp, part market, part munch, part party, part educational/practical workshops, part gathering, but most importantly, all fun. A place where you can be comfortable and relaxed being whoever/whatever you would like to be.

Swamp Sunday February 11th February 2018 OMG Club, Frog Lane, Bristol – so many reasons to come early and stay for the entire event.

Hope to see you there.

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