June 14th – Suspension Demo with MRK

On Sunday June 14th we are very pleased to announce that the MRK rigging team have chosen SWAMP as a venue to stop off on their UK tour.

-MRK- will be your host for the proceedings, talking you through the safety of the art, some basic harnesses and techniques and telling some really bad jokes with the help of RopeAvailable.

This will be accompanied by Christian_Red with Tinx showing you the fun and art you can make out of partial and full suspension and Xinran will be being not so soft and fluffy with SmilewithStyle in order to show you how much fun mean and nasty partial suspension really can be.

The demonstration aims to be useful to the inexperienced and the experience to suspension and offer tips for both bunnies and riggers. We are especially looking to show you the fun you can have when playing with rope and not just using it for aesthetics.

The MRK rigging team will be around for the rest of Swamp and the after party in order to answer questions, help people and help people try things out, so come hunt us down and quiz us.

As usual, the demonstration is included in the price of a market ticket (£3) and will take place at 3pm.

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