April 12th – Singletail Whips Demo

April’s demo will put the spotlight on Singletail whips and will be presented by the highly experienced whip_cracker. We’ll let him give you the full details:

“It has been two years since the last Singletail demo at Swamp, and many years since they were demonstrated at this venue. As many of you have either purchased or shown an interest in Singletails, April 12th sees the return of myself, Whip_cracker along with Darkpool, sub_suzi and Grippa666 to talk about Singletail Whips, and to show ways to use them in the scene.

Some of you may have wanted to buy a whip but are not sure what type or size would suit you, so I will try to explain the different types and lengths available and how each has its own use or style.

There will be a darklight scene with neon whips and a demonstration of different throws with various whips from a short Signal whip to a longer Bullwhip.

I always get asked about the difference between a Fire whip and a “normal” whip so I will bring along a couple of Fire whips for you to see, who knows they might even get lit depending on space available.

There will be a variety of different whips for anyone to try after the demo. If you have never cracked a whip before but want to have a go there will be an opportunity at the end of the demo. Likewise should anyone wish to volunteer to see how a whip feels on the skin don’t be afraid to ask.

This year we will have the added attraction of showing you how a whip is made, Tactilemike will discuss the basics and will continue to braid a whip as the demo continues.

We look forward to seeing you all in April.

Mick (whip_cracker)”

The demo will start at 3 pm and is free to anyone who has purchased a market/party ticket. We recommend you get here early as this will be a popular topic.

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