Return Of The Bondage Workshop

This month we are pleased to report the return of the Peer Rope Bondage workshop. So if you fancy ‘learning the ropes’ from beginner to more advanced, why not come along to our fun, friendly and informative workshop.

In the evening, Painful Pleasures will once again hold a workshop for all things electrical. So for those who got a taste for electrical play last month, or anyone simply curious, why not come along (I’ll even spare you the dodgy electrical puns this time!)

Swamp; part market, part munch, part party, part educational/practical workshops, part gathering, but most importantly, all fun. A place where you can be comfortable and relaxed being whoever/whatever you would like to be.

Swamp Sunday 11th March 2018 OMG Club, Frog Lane, Bristol – with our usual traders, rope workshop, day dungeon, after market play party, and electrical play workshop there are so many reasons to come early and stay for the entire event.

February Fireplay Demo 2018

With the new year now a good few weeks behind us, we gently drift into February. Cupid’s favourite month. The month of love or lurrrve, lust and fiery passions.

And what better way to warm those hearts and fan those flames of passion by joining us on Sunday 11th, for our February demo on alternative central heating with our old flames – The Fire Crew.

The Fire Crew – Hyperbolt, Grippa, Draconis666 and lil_emily will be here with one of our most popular, entertaining and visually stunning demo’s of the year. From mid afternoon and (usually) until the end of the evening, the gang are more than happy to singe, dab, burn, and caress your body with various torches. If this is something you have not yet tried, we can heartily recommend it, and if this is something you have not yet seen, we highly recommend it!

But wait, there’s more ………

As an added bonus this month, Painful Pleasures (one of our regular traders), have graciously agreed to hold a workshop in the evening for all things electrical. So for those who are interested in the electrical play side of things – from beginner to experienced, or if your curiosity has simply got the better of you, why not come along to the workshop (with no additional Charge, AMPle experience, Positive results, and discussing Current issues – yep, a shameless plug but I couldn’t resistOR getting in those electrical puns before I’m sent Ohm!)

Swamp, part market, part munch, part party, part educational/practical workshops, part gathering, but most importantly, all fun. A place where you can be comfortable and relaxed being whoever/whatever you would like to be.

Swamp Sunday February 11th February 2018 OMG Club, Frog Lane, Bristol – so many reasons to come early and stay for the entire event.

Hope to see you there.

Christmas Swamp 10th December 2017


Deck the halls, elbow the stairs and headbutt the landing ……. eleven months in the making, it’s time for the Christmas Swamp!!!

We have loads of traders, we have plenty of equipment, we have mince pies, we have chocolates, we’ll even have the usual Christmas favourites liberally sprinkled throughout Steve’s playlist.

Come and join us for the market and pick up ideas for those last minute Christmas pressie ideas with a kink flavour, join us for the party evening of the year, or why not go the whole hog(roast) and stay for the entire event.

For those who missed adding their input to the Great Swamp Questionnaire 2017 – there will be another chance to add your comments before they are all collated (with the results and changes being announced in January).

Christmas themed dress is encouraged throughout the day, so feel free to get festive!

Swamp Christmas Market and Party, Sunday 10th December 2017, OMG Club Frog Lane Bristol.

Pass the word, tell your friends, come one, come all, and if you haven’t been for a while this is a great one to come back to – there’s snow way you’ll want to miss this one!

WykD Dave and Clover Performance – September 10th

This is the event rescheduled from July.

We are most fortunate to have WykD Dave and clover coming to perform for us at September’s SWAMP.

Some of the finest performers anywhere, they will be sharing their art on stage from around 3pm. So whether you are into rope or not this is a must see event. And for the many rope enthusiasts amongst us a fantastic opportunity to learn, by watching some of the very best do what they do.

After that we can either do our regular rope workshop or Dave and Clover have offered to do a talk, depending on numbers and what seems right at the time. As usual there is no photography, please.

2017 – It’s A Good Year For SWAMP Bondage Lovers!

From February the Peer Bondage Workshops will be taking place each and every month. This won’t be instead of our bi-monthly demos but in addition to, as we’ll be making more use of the back rooms which are currently unused during the day.

You’ll be pleased to know that the cost won’t change – it’s still only £3 for entry to the workshop, market, and demo.

Proceedings will be looked after in the same responsible manner by Jahc and Richard Rope – they are a tad excited about it too 🙂

Sunday 8th January 2017 – Half Price Sale!

On January 8th you can spend 11 hours amongst the region’s finest kinksters for just £5! Market only tickets remain at £3, but for this month only you can buy a Party ticket for just £5 (which still includes free entry to the market!).

The South West Peer Bondage Workshop will be taking place this month, starting at around 2.30 and running until approximately 5pm. Anyone with a market ticket (£3) is welcome to join in.

We’re sure there are a lot of people reading this who would love to come along and make a fresh start with new kinky friends, but don’t feel confident about doing so alone. I’m sure that those who came along for the first time in 2016 are pleased they did,  and we’ll do all we can to make your first experience a happy one.

So if you’ve ever wanted to give our party a try, this month has an added incentive. The SWAMP January Half Price Sale – only £5 for a full day’s kinkery!

December 13th – Electroplay demo with Elektra-UK

The use of electricity in play is ever growing in popularity. However, it is an area where safety and awareness is very important.

Elektra-UK are electroplay dealers, distributors and demonstrators, and on Sunday December 13th will be giving a demonstration at SWAMP.

During the demo/workshop they aim to show you:

Violet wand usage, including direct and secondary contact application, training and play advice for tops and bottoms, safety and aftercare.
A demonstration of E-Stim control boxes and products, along with advice on the varying applications and capabilities.
Electric shocking toys (and demonstrations for the brave) 😉
There will be a chance to have a go on both the operating and receiving ends.

The demo is free for anyone with a market ticket ( £3 ) and will start at 3pm.

June 14th – Suspension Demo with MRK

On Sunday June 14th we are very pleased to announce that the MRK rigging team have chosen SWAMP as a venue to stop off on their UK tour.

-MRK- will be your host for the proceedings, talking you through the safety of the art, some basic harnesses and techniques and telling some really bad jokes with the help of RopeAvailable.

This will be accompanied by Christian_Red with Tinx showing you the fun and art you can make out of partial and full suspension and Xinran will be being not so soft and fluffy with SmilewithStyle in order to show you how much fun mean and nasty partial suspension really can be.

The demonstration aims to be useful to the inexperienced and the experience to suspension and offer tips for both bunnies and riggers. We are especially looking to show you the fun you can have when playing with rope and not just using it for aesthetics.

The MRK rigging team will be around for the rest of Swamp and the after party in order to answer questions, help people and help people try things out, so come hunt us down and quiz us.

As usual, the demonstration is included in the price of a market ticket (£3) and will take place at 3pm.

April 12th – Singletail Whips Demo

April’s demo will put the spotlight on Singletail whips and will be presented by the highly experienced whip_cracker. We’ll let him give you the full details:

“It has been two years since the last Singletail demo at Swamp, and many years since they were demonstrated at this venue. As many of you have either purchased or shown an interest in Singletails, April 12th sees the return of myself, Whip_cracker along with Darkpool, sub_suzi and Grippa666 to talk about Singletail Whips, and to show ways to use them in the scene.

Some of you may have wanted to buy a whip but are not sure what type or size would suit you, so I will try to explain the different types and lengths available and how each has its own use or style.

There will be a darklight scene with neon whips and a demonstration of different throws with various whips from a short Signal whip to a longer Bullwhip.

I always get asked about the difference between a Fire whip and a “normal” whip so I will bring along a couple of Fire whips for you to see, who knows they might even get lit depending on space available.

There will be a variety of different whips for anyone to try after the demo. If you have never cracked a whip before but want to have a go there will be an opportunity at the end of the demo. Likewise should anyone wish to volunteer to see how a whip feels on the skin don’t be afraid to ask.

This year we will have the added attraction of showing you how a whip is made, Tactilemike will discuss the basics and will continue to braid a whip as the demo continues.

We look forward to seeing you all in April.

Mick (whip_cracker)”

The demo will start at 3 pm and is free to anyone who has purchased a market/party ticket. We recommend you get here early as this will be a popular topic.

February 8th – Fire’s Back!

Come along on February 8th to witness SWAMP favourites Hyperbolt, Draconis666 and Grippa666 do what they do best.

As Hyperbolt explains:

“The playful and happy kinksters wish to entertain and inform you with a visual demonstration of the use of their favourite element – FIRE, in SM play.

We will be demonstrating fire torch play and will feature caressing, warming and gentle body burning, all accompanied by a quirky safety talk.

We hope to convey our pleasure, joy and professionalism, in a safe, sane and stylish way and want our torches to brighten your day!

So come along and enjoy the beauty and sensation of FIRE, at a fantastic venue.”

Always one of the most fascinating topics of play for both newcomers and experienced alike, we’ve lost count of the number of introductions made with people who are eager to get involved.

Now is your chance to learn more about this colourful and mesmerising form of Edgeplay in between shopping for some new kinky gadgets.

We look forward to seeing you.