Dungeon Etiquette

1. Vocal noise is to be kept to a minimum. Talking between people using the equipment is ok, but talking between people watching is to be kept to a whisper.

2. Do not under any circumstances invade or interfere in someone’s play scene unless invited to do so.

3. Do not under any circumstances play with anyone else’s partner, unless permission is given.

4. Do not walk through anyone else’s play area.

5. No sexual play or insertables allowed. This includes masturbation using fingers or toys. This would be in breach of the clubs licence and could put future events on hold (when in doubt ask a Dungeon Monitor).

6. No Scat play or unsupervised blood play (if in doubt please ask).

7. No playing under the influence of narcotics or excessive alcohol. Anyone found to be in breach of this will be asked to leave the club immediately and banned from future events.

8. The Dungeon Master/Mistress’s word is FINAL on all play & dungeon activities. When in doubt it’s always best to ask

9. By reading these rules you agree to abide by them and the decision by the Dungeon Master/Mistress or Swamp Team Member.

10. Remember, the main rule is to enjoy yourself and have a good time 🙂

(Cleaning materials are provided)

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