April 12th – Singletail Whips Demo

April’s demo will put the spotlight on Singletail whips and will be presented by the highly experienced whip_cracker. We’ll let him give you the full details:

“It has been two years since the last Singletail demo at Swamp, and many years since they were demonstrated at this venue. As many of you have either purchased or shown an interest in Singletails, April 12th sees the return of myself, Whip_cracker along with Darkpool, sub_suzi and Grippa666 to talk about Singletail Whips, and to show ways to use them in the scene.

Some of you may have wanted to buy a whip but are not sure what type or size would suit you, so I will try to explain the different types and lengths available and how each has its own use or style.

There will be a darklight scene with neon whips and a demonstration of different throws with various whips from a short Signal whip to a longer Bullwhip.

I always get asked about the difference between a Fire whip and a “normal” whip so I will bring along a couple of Fire whips for you to see, who knows they might even get lit depending on space available.

There will be a variety of different whips for anyone to try after the demo. If you have never cracked a whip before but want to have a go there will be an opportunity at the end of the demo. Likewise should anyone wish to volunteer to see how a whip feels on the skin don’t be afraid to ask.

This year we will have the added attraction of showing you how a whip is made, Tactilemike will discuss the basics and will continue to braid a whip as the demo continues.

We look forward to seeing you all in April.

Mick (whip_cracker)”

The demo will start at 3 pm and is free to anyone who has purchased a market/party ticket. We recommend you get here early as this will be a popular topic.

February 8th – Fire’s Back!

Come along on February 8th to witness SWAMP favourites Hyperbolt, Draconis666 and Grippa666 do what they do best.

As Hyperbolt explains:

“The playful and happy kinksters wish to entertain and inform you with a visual demonstration of the use of their favourite element – FIRE, in SM play.

We will be demonstrating fire torch play and will feature caressing, warming and gentle body burning, all accompanied by a quirky safety talk.

We hope to convey our pleasure, joy and professionalism, in a safe, sane and stylish way and want our torches to brighten your day!

So come along and enjoy the beauty and sensation of FIRE, at a fantastic venue.”

Always one of the most fascinating topics of play for both newcomers and experienced alike, we’ve lost count of the number of introductions made with people who are eager to get involved.

Now is your chance to learn more about this colourful and mesmerising form of Edgeplay in between shopping for some new kinky gadgets.

We look forward to seeing you.

October 12th – CBT Demo by Mistress Geo

Following on from the success of the previous two CBT demos at SWAMP, Mistress Geo Pinch will be conducting a follow-up CBT demonstration. This will be held at Swamp OMG starting at 3pm on Sunday 12th October 2014 – for the uninitiated CBT is Cock & Ball Torment.

CBT is one of Mistress Geo’s main specialties and her principal love, and she was one of the three organisers of the Dr Pinch Fashion Parade at the SWAMP venue in Bristol, April 2008; she conducted her first SWAMP CBT demo in 2011, and her second in 2012.

Mistress Geo believes that bringing CBT to the people is a noble cause, and although it’s not ever likely to rival the pub quiz in popular participation, there are those who will relish the opportunity to learn more about this singular activity, and those who will want to take their knowledge to the next level. Mistress Geo has designed her demo to appeal to complete beginners as well as to advanced practitioners and she will cover a wide range of CBT techniques and implements including, for the first time, “Ananke-“, who will be demonstrating the use of needles in Dr Pinch CBT devices.

As with the previous demonstrations, an extra attraction will be the presence of the creator of the unique “Dr Pinch” CBT devices, the mad genius Dr Pinch himself, who will demonstrate his collection and offer advice accrued from well over 50 years of practicing CBT. This will be a rare opportunity to draw on a deep well of experience in this art and, of course, aficionados of CBT are urged not to miss it.

There will also be a fashion parade with lovely ladies leading around live male models adorned with a variety of CBT devices!

The demo will take place at 3pm and entry is included in the £3 market ticket price.


On April 13th we will be pleased to have Firestarter present an Elastic Band Bondage demo for you. Regulars at SWAMP will have seen his intricate and fascinating work and this will be an opportunity to find out more. We’ll let him explain :-

As I’m sure some of you know and have seen, I have a fetish and passion for elastic bands. I have been playing and experimenting with bands for around two years now, I’m not sure how it started or where I got the idea. Lately I have been experimenting with them from a pure bondage and aesthetics side, to see how far I can go with them. I’m currently working on how to make complete outfits out of them.

I intend to show you these two different sides of Elastic Band Bondage in my demo, the more intricate decorative style and the quicker sadomasochistic style. To share my passion and why I’ve become slightly obsessed with them. I’m sure you will too once you see the fun that can be had with them.

The demo will take place at 3pm and entry is included in the £3 market ticket price.

February And Fire

One of the more fascinating spectacles in our public dungeon every month is the fire play performed by a trio of popular SWAMP regulars. For our Demo on February 9th they will be going one stage further…

“Draconis666, Grippa666 and Hyperbolt intend to titillate and enthral you with their joyous torches once more this Valentines month. May the fires of love be sparked in all your hearts.
We will be demonstrating torch play in our playful and quirky way, together with something we don’t do in public very often.
For the first time you will see us do true body burning, a little fuel dabbed on the fleshy areas and lit!!!
Hope you come, enjoy and have a giggle with us.”

The demo will start around 3 pm and last for approximately 45 minutes. The cost of entry is included in our £3 market ticket price.

Although small in number, our traders this month have a vast range of BDSM and alternative goods available. All are passionate about the lifestyle and deserve your support.

With all this on offer, plus an ever growing bunch of deliciously deviant types to mingle among, can you afford to miss it?

SWAMP Half Price Sale – January 12th 2014

We hope everyone is suitably stress-free after the recent festivities and looking forward to meeting old and new SWAMP friends in 2014. On January 12th you can spend 11 hours amongst the region’s finest kinksters for just £5!

The South West Peer Rope Workshop will be taking place this month, starting at around 2.30 and running until approximately 5pm. Anyone with a market ticket (£3) is welcome to join in. Full details can be found here.

If you are looking for somewhere to go for a holiday in 2014 you might want to take a peek at The Annexe. The proprietors will be present at January’s SWAMP, and to celebrate the start of 2014 and the opening of The Annexe, they will be giving away an overnight stay (3pm – 11am, including breakfast for two people). You will need to visit their Fetlife page here and become a member of the group to enter the draw. Further details can be found there.

From January onwards our opening time will move forward to 1pm. The market will now finish at 6pm with the party times staying the same (7pm ‘til midnight). SWAMP does not close between the market and party and you are free to stay for the duration (providing you have a party ticket).

And did we mention our January half price sale?
Market only tickets remain at £3, but for this month only you can buy a Party ticket for just £5 (which still includes free entry to the market!).

So if you’ve ever wanted to give our party a try, there’s even more of an incentive this month!

SWAMP December 8th – Role Play Skits

We’re getting ready for our Xmas SWAMP on December 8th. It’s a demo month, and with the impending festivities around the corner we have some entertainment lined up for you, courtesy of Mistress Geo and friends.

Come and be entertained by South-West kinksters and sample tasty morsels from Mistress Geo’s smorgasbord of role-play delights. Feast your eyes on the following samples from this Season’s offerings:  Geo’s maid training, followed by shoe and stocking worship; Headmistress Pinch & Schoolgirl Tara;  Matron Mary delivering a sex-education class; a live-girlie electric xmas tree with lights and tinsel, starring Mistress Geo, Violet Wand and Tara (glowing) Red. These skits are not demonstrations, but, rather, light-hearted BDSM-themed role-play.

The proceedings start at approximately 3pm and entry is included in the SWAMP entry price (£3).

There’ll be free mince pies for everyone who arrives early!

South West Peer Rope Workshop on November 10th 2013

Visitors to SWAMP on November 10th will have the opportunity to take part in our bi-monthly Rope Workshop. This runs from approximately 2.30pm alongside the market and is proving to be an extremely popular way to spend a kinky Sunday afternoon.

The workshop is guided by a friendly bunch of very knowledgable twine afficianados –  Jahc and Mr & Mrs Rope, with the ever enthusiastic Tactile Mike, Tabby Kitten, and Parintachin helping out regularly.

The idea behind the workshop is a very simple one – a sharing of skills and learning and is very helpful for those who are just starting out and experimenting. There is no extra charge to attend once you have paid £3 to enter SWAMP.  All we ask is that you bring your own rope if you have any.

Swamp demo Oct 2013-b_200

We had a great October SWAMP  thanks to Mistress Geo and ‘pupils’ who entertained a large crowd with an informative and fun demonstration. We hope they will be back soon with further lessons on BDSM topics. You can find out more about Mistress Geo by visiting our Links section. The photos shown here were taken with our permission by scene photographer Funseeker_2013. Photography is strictly controlled at SWAMP and we do not allow any unauthorised cameras (including mobile phones) in the venue.

3 raised hands-b_200

The Art Of Spanking – Demo For October 13th

On October 13th we are very pleased to welcome our long-time friend and supporter Mistress Geo Pinch, who will be demonstrating the Art of Spanking – good old-fashioned over-the-knee bare-bottom hand spanking. Come and watch the “special maids” and the lovely Tara Red’s bottoms change from peachy cream to glowing red as they are put through different positions and techniques for the age-old, delectable but often underestimated practice of spanking. Audience participation will be encouraged: all those who would like some hands-on experience will have the opportunity to leave their “artistic mark” on the willing bottoms there assembled. Those wishing to learn more about Mistress Geo Pinch might like to click here.

The Demo starts at 3.15 and entry is included in the price of a market ticket (£3).

We’ve had a few enquiries about the lack of content in some areas of this website. Please bear with us while we continue to work on them and do check back regularly. We want to give you the most accurate up-to-date information we can.

Brand Spanking New!

It’s taken more than a few late nights but it’s finally here – the brand spanking new SWAMP website! Hopefully it will provide you with all the information you need to help make your intended SWAMP visit go as smoothly as possible.

It is by no means finished and will continue to be a work in progress. More improvements are planned for the future to give much more information on the South West fetish scene. You may have noticed the link tabs for Twitter and RSS feeds and these will be actioned at a later date. We realise that a big percentage of users of this site will be looking to come to their first fetish event and we’d like to think we’ve covered everything, but there is always room for improvement. With that in mind we’d love to hear your feedback, whether it is a simple grammatical error or a question you were unable to find an answer for.


We are very pleased to have moved back to our favourite venue recently after leaving there over 6 years ago, and from the feedback we’ve received it seems that pretty much everyone else likes it too. Air conditioning throughout the venue meant a nice break from the summer heat and this should translate into a warm ambience over the winter months.