SWAMP March 13th – Waxplay Demo

Normally March would see us back into our Rope Workshop, however, our rope team are not able to come back to us as yet (hinting at a potential return in May). We have therefore arranged for March to be another demo month, and this time we have a demo provided by one of our very own traders – Bound in Leather and Submission – who, as well as having their stall, will also be providing a demo in the contradictory sensual and painful erotic art of Wax Play (and if the tradition of our demo’s continue, then a small workshop is likely to follow). Demo time usually around 3pm.

Additionally, we have our usual traders of Edgyyyyy Designs and Dirty Sexy Words, who between them will be covering all aspects of impact tools, and erotic books

As a special addition this month, we have a new trader – Paintbox Studio’s – who will be setting up a ‘pop-up’ photo studio at the venue, and will be offering professional photo portraits/series of photo shoots etc on the day. So if you’ve always wanted a professional portrait taken in your finest fetish wear, rope bondage, best dresses, maid outfits, kinky gear, fully made up or simply want a nice portrait taken on your own or with your partner, then this stall is for you. Prices naturally depend on what and how much you want done. So bring along your best dress up gear and pose for the moment. For those who may be worried about cameras being at the event, the photos taken will naturally be limited to the enclosed studio area and not anywhere else in the venue.

We continue to have a small number of traders, but please continue your support for the market and make an effort to keep it going. The Market section of Swamp opens at 1pm and usually runs until @6.30pm.

Also, don’t forget that OMG is no longer opening as their own club on a Sunday night, so Swamp’s closing returns to our usual time of Midnight, with the dungeons closing around the 10.30/10.45pm.

Swamp; part market, part munch, part party, part educational/practical workshops, part gathering, but most importantly, all fun. A place where you can be comfortable and relaxed being whoever/whatever you would like to be.

Swamp Sunday 13th March 2022 OMG Club, Frog Lane, Bristol – with our usual traders, day dungeon, after market play party, private dungeon, and photography area, there are so many reasons to come early and stay for the entire event.

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