January 9th 2022

Over the years, Swamp occasionally had an educational interactive presentation/discussion on a particular subject (Household Bondage, Household S&M, History of BDSM, Life of a Pro Domme), whilst we haven’t done one for a while, Captivated_Rose has stepped forward to provide a 30-40min presentation/discussion on “Disabilities in Kink” how you can adapt play for a disabled person, worries/fears, neurodivergencies etc – and considering the current topic of diversity and equality is big in the media at the moment, it should prove both interesting and thought provoking.

AND …..

Whip_cracker has also stepped forward to provide a demo, and is currently undecided on whether it will be impact 101 or whips. Now he’s not given too much away at the moment but if he does decide on the whips, in the past we have had fire whips, neon/ultra violet whips, bullwhips, single tails, whip wrapping and whip stunts – and he always keeps the demo details quite close to his chest, which makes things more spectacular on the actual day. If he goes with Impact Play 101, it will be an interesting, informative, educational (and likely interactive) time for people of all stages and experience.

Captivated_Rose presentation/discussion will start @14.30
Whip_cracker Impact 101 or Whip demo will start @15.30

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