Darker Nights Are Coming…

…and with them out come the ghoulies and reprobates to the SWAMP October 8th event! For the first time ever we are holding a Halloween optional theme for anyone who wants an excuse to dress up. If you’re looking to finish off your outfit with a bit of panache, we have a face paint artist trading this month – you could get creative and team your face paint with some hair tinsels too?

We’ve John from Wolf Wax Candles presenting a Wax Play demonstration & workshop at 3pm alongside the market, which this month includes a number of new traders showing off their stuff. I’ve just updated the traders list here for you to have a look – it’s a damn fine list too – ideal for browsing and collecting ideas for the C word coming up in just over 11 weeks!

Of course, you could always just splash out and spend the money on something for yourself – we all need a bit of self-loving from time to time right?

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