We’re Back! Sunday 12th December 2021

WE. ARE. BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, after what seems to be an eternity or delays, lockdowns, jabs, swabs, screening etc etc, Swamp is finally making a return, and what better time to come back than December. As our first one back in such a long time, it’s almost like we are starting from scratch again and we have a lot of details to give out, so please take the time to read the entire post (thanks).

“Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine” ……. AND Swamp!!!!!

Firstly lets address the elephant in the room, after my ‘teaser’ announcement, a lot of people were expecting us to reopen in November. After much consideration, we decided not to for the following reasons; we always clash with the Remembrance Parades and it is very difficult for us and the traders to get to the event due to the various road closures for multiple hours. As we have been away for such a long time, we need time to check the equipment and give it all a bloody good clean. And finally, it gives the both the traders and the attendees more time to make plans for the day.

A December return also makes more sense as it has always been a special celebratory anniversary/birthday month for Swamp. It’s probably the most fun month of all the Swamp events, it has a much more party atmosphere – December Swamp is just that little bit more special. We have chocs, mince pies, Christmas music (sadly, only liberally sprinkled into the music mix due to Scrooge McSteve!) and we encourage festive dress for both day and evening events if anyone would like to wear it.

As has become something of a tradition in the last few December Swamp events (well the ones we were actually opened for) and gone down very well (and therefore back by popular demand), I am pleased to announce the return of Burlesque performances as our ‘Demo’ month.

Yes, indeed returning we have burlesque and flow art performances from SailorSeb and her team of burlesque dancers, with provocative, stylish and fun dancing routines. Full cast and details have not yet been provided, so, expect the unexpected and downright naughty from each performance!

…. we hope this will whet your appetite!

If memory serves me correctly, SailorSeb will also be celebrating a birthday, so please feel free to wish her a happy one!

Please contact Anita in the usual way if you wish to have a stall with us in December, there has been no changes to the fees, and payment in the usual way. We are hoping to have a good attendance in December (traditionally it is always good, and post 20months of lockdown, we are hoping people are just itching to come back). Once we get nearer to the date, we will announce the traders that will be with us.

At this precise moment in time, there are no specific Covid restrictions in England. At present, you do not need to provide ‘vaccine passports’, wear masks inside etc etc. However, the situation is constantly changing and rules being implemented and discarded on a regular basis. ‘Lockdown’ is being bandied about again in the media as well. Please ensure you keep yourself safe and others by ensuring you attend only if you have none of the – well documented – Covid symptoms. We will do our best to keep up to date with everything on the day.

Unfortunately for us, and only just dropped on us yesterday, OMG has decided to trial opening on a Sunday night. Whether this becomes a permanent thing is anyone’s guess and naturally dependant on their usual club attendance. They initially asked us to be packed up and finished by 10pm. We have renegotiated to increase this to 11pm. So the equipment and our cloakroom, has to be packed away by then. Luckily this will not interfere with the usual dungeon play and usual dungeon shutdown times (we will just have to be quicker packing the stuff away and asking you to collect your coats and bags a little earlier than usual. We have not yet been asked that everyone must leave the club the club by 11pm, and are awaiting clarification. IF OMG is happy for people to stay, it might work in their favour as the club will be open longer, if not, then everyone has to be out an hour earlier than usual.

As soon as we know, we are hoping to announce a range of traders, from our regular traders, new traders and returning traders, so please come along and keep supporting the market. Hopefully we will continue to see them all return on a regular basis. In fact, why not stay for the entire event and enjoy the party atmosphere in the evening/night.

Swamp; part market, part munch, part party, part educational/practical workshops, part gathering, but most importantly, all fun. A place where you can be comfortable and relaxed being whoever/whatever you would like to be.

Swamp Christmas Party Sunday 12th December 2021 OMG Club, Frog Lane, Bristol – with our usual traders, new traders, demo’s, rope play areas, day dungeon, after market play party, free mince pies, free chocs, festive dress and overall fun party atmosphere, there are so many reasons to come early and stay for the entire event.

Hope to see you there.

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