Cancelled Until Further Notice

It is with a heavy heart that we have to report the cancellation of April’s Swamp event.

We had hoped things may have improved enough to hold the event in a few weeks time, but it appears this Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not going away anytime soon.

Clearly from the statistical information being presented in other countries and the increasing number of cases being reported in the UK, this virus is in for the long haul and (as quoted so many times in the news recently) we are currently in ‘unprecedented times’ with massive restrictions on movement and social gatherings in order to stem the disease progression.

As Swamp is one of those ‘large social gatherings’, we have therefore made the decision to cancel the event in April, but are hoping restrictions will have improved in order for us to reopen for our usual date in May (keep an eye out for any update postings on our message board). This announcement is probably not that unexpected as all kinds of events have been cancelled over the last week.

Whilst we will try to spread the word, if you know of anyone who does not use Fetlife but attends Swamp, we would be grateful if you could please pass on the message.

The Impact Demo by F3Works will naturally be postponed until their next convenient month.

Apologies to all those who were looking forward to coming in April. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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