Sunday June 12th – A Demo For The Postman & Regular Pricks

Our demo this month is a real interesting one – Elastic Band Bondage and Torture. If you’re friends with your local postie then you’ll be sorted for the equipment, all you’ll need is a bit of advice and teaching from -MrSharpe- with regards to getting some body parts entwined and you’ll be good to go. Pull it back and… Twang! – lots of lovely bruises guaranteed. I last saw this around 10 years ago and take it from me, it’s a lot more painful than it sounds!

After the success of last month’s Needle Play Demo, we are pleased to be hosting a regular workshop at the SWAMP evening party. James & Niki of Edgyyyyy_Designs will be practising and advising on this much asked about topic every month from June. It’s going to be a popular attraction.

We’ve a couple more new traders for you this month. Some are exclusive to SWAMP and we hope you’ll reward their dedication to their craft. A lot of you will have noticed some impressive pics of your friends come up on your feed taken by our resident photo studio PaintboxStudio. If you’re thinking of getting a photo done – kinky or otherwise, I can highly recommend their work. They will be at the evening party from 7pm onwards.

Once again, we are offering free market & demo entry to everyone who makes it along before 2pm, or the option to buy a full day and evening ticket for just £7. Crazy deal!

Last but not least, I am very pleased to be able to tell you that starting next month (July 10th) our much-missed Rope Workshop will be returning with Jahc and RichardRope at the helm. More on that next month. It’s been a while…

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