Sunday July 10th – Rope & Traders Frenzy!

Hi all,

Jahc and Richard Rope are back this month after their extended Covid break. They are limbering up, getting ready to welcome both newcomers and seasoned SWAMP string flingers, to oversee basic to expert skill sharing in the Peer Rope Workshop. The workshop starts at 2.30pm in the Demo/Public Dungeon area and runs until 5pm. If you’re not quite sure about getting physically involved, we’ve a large viewing area to just watch their creativity unfold.

For the first time since our return from Covid I’m pleased to say we have a healthy number of traders. You can check out who’s attending by clicking here. I think we’ve always brought a good balanced selection of BDSM items to your attention, but now there’s an even wider choice. There’s a good mix of custom, handmade and mass-produced goods for every budget, and your purchases, no matter how small, mean that the dedicated traders can offset some of the horrendous fuel prices we are all facing at the moment. Plus, remember that SWAMP is doing its bit to try and offset some of yours by offering free entry to the market if you arrive before 2pm, or a discounted all-day ticket at just £7.

Much as we want everyone to be in party/socialising mode during the evening do remember that if you are wanting to use the dungeons or needle workshop, then you would be advised to wait until after you’ve used those before drinking excessively. Our Dungeon Monitors/Workshop Leaders are very keen and will turn you away if they suspect you’ve drunk too much, which is what they have been instructed to do.

The afternoon dungeon area will be open as usual this month, but I’m unsure of its future as it very rarely gets used as it should, and I’m looking to create space for more lovely traders. Let me know if you’ve strong feelings either way.

Once again, I was amazed by some of the photos taken at our resident studio Paintbox After Dark last month. I’ve recently set up a new SWAMP profile on Instagram and look forward to seeing some of their work on there (posted by those who are happy to share of course). Our profile can be found by clicking here.

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