July 9th Collaring Celebration & Smart Watch Alert

Come and celebrate more than just summer on the 9th July at SWAMP…

To start things off we are very pleased to be hosting a Collaring Ceremony at 1pm and the main participants are happy to have everyone join them for their celebration. This will take place in the demo/workshop area. As this is taking place before 2pm there will be no charge for entry but you will still need to pick up a ticket at the front desk before entering.

Our bi-monthly bondage workshop takes place at 2.30pm and runs alongside our vibrant fetish market. Entry to the workshop is £10 (or £7 if you arrive before 2pm) which also gives you access to the market and evening party.

A new problem was brought to our attention last month during the bondage workshop by one of our friends. During our last bondage workshop, whilst being tied, she felt her watch vibrating on her wrist, but didn’t pay any attention thinking the caller could call back later. Once untied she discovered it was her watch trying to contact with the emergency contacts or I.C.E numbers in her phone, thinking she had taken a fall. Fortunately, her phone didn’t have a signal in the venue so failed to connect. As she said, – ‘imagine that conversation with your mother!’ Her watch is an I-Phone 5, but they are now up to I-Phone 8, and they are even more sensitive and only give about a few seconds response time before they make calls for you.

So we would advise anyone with a smart watch that has this facility to remove it before taking part in any activity at SWAMP that could trigger an emergency call. Our cloakroom is very secure and constantly manned throughout the day if you are wanting to put it somewhere safe.

Not long now until Sunday – good times are just around the corner!

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