April’s Demo & Changes To Dungeon Times

Have you ever wanted to fling a flogger, play with a paddle or sling a single tail? This month the f3werks team will be giving a basic introduction to impact play styles using different toy types. This will include a basic break down of how to use the toys, safety tips and the anatomy of how the toys are made. Entry to the demo is included in the £3 daytime market ticket price – or FREE if you come along before 2pm!

April’s event falls on the 9th, which this year happens to be part of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. SWAMP will be taking place on the 9th as usual, but there will be a change to the finishing times of both of our dungeons, as well as our event. Our dungeons will now finish at 10pm instead of 11pm, with SWAMP finishing at 11pm instead of midnight. This is due to OMG wanting to open themselves at 11pm. This is not just a change for April though, but for every month until further notice. We have arranged for anyone who wishes to remain socialising at OMG to be able to do so without paying an additional entry price, but you will need to swap your SWAMP wristband for an OMG one at the  entrance at 11pm.

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