Peer Bondage Workshops

South West Peer Bondage takes place every other month at SWAMP. It is an opportunity for anyone who is curious about rope and bondage to further their interest and have a try, whilst allowing the more experienced a chance to share knowledge and skills. The starting time is 2.30pm and it takes place alongside the market, typically running until 5pm. Entry is included in the cost of a market ticket (£3). It is organised and overseen by long term friends and supporters of SWAMP Jahc and Richard Rope. We will hand over to Jahc to explain further:

The ethos of ‘Peer Bondage’ is very simple – it’s about involving as many people as we can, to share what they know, try out new things, and learn from each other. It’s all about respect, collaboration and fun! Minimum ego, maximum rope.

This makes the event suitable for people of all different levels of experience, from complete beginners to the highly skilled and experienced. And all different styles, too. We always have some well known local riggers on hand to help out, to teach, and keep an eye on things and make sure everyone stays safe. We may also put on brief demonstrations of various aspects of ropecraft and bondage, from time to time.

There is a large open space, well suited to rope, with numerous areas of super comfortable mats to rope on, and there is always a large amount of rope available for you to borrow, if you don’t have your own. That is to borrow, not take home with you, though!

By popular request, we have diversified things a little, and some of our friends who are into straitjackets and armbinders and things also bring along some of their gear, which has been a great success and a really fun addition. It’s a chance to try out some specialised and expensive kit, and find out if it really is as cool as it looks. It is, you know……

Don’t worry if you don’t arrive with a partner – there is a simple, optional system of wrist bands – red for rigger, blue for ‘to be tied’, and of course you can have both. So we will try to match people up, though of course you are always welcome to say ‘thanks but no thanks’. It just helps put people together to start to share the joys of rope. So please feel free to make connections with people yourself, or ask the SWAMP staffers to introduce you to people.

The rules have been kept to the minimum, and are mostly covered by the general club rules anyway:
There’s no specific dress code, same as for the market part of the event, though comfortable, rope friendly clothing is advised. Please remove your shoes before venturing onto the mats. It helps keep them clean and spiky heels do damage them rather.

There is no photography allowed, the same as for the rest of the club – this is a skills exchange, not a photoshoot. (We may, from time to time, have an official photographer, for specific things – this will always be announced in advance, and will be a well trusted friend of SWAMP, so no pictures will ever be taken or published without the full consent of everyone involved).

Please try not to crowd the space – we sometimes get pretty busy, so keep the roping areas clear for those wanting to rope – there is plenty of space to watch and chat, without getting in anyone’s way. And please keep glass safely away from the rope space.

Try not to do anything really stupid (though silliness is to be encouraged!), and try not to get in each other’s way, step on each other’s rope or whack anyone in the eye with a flying rope end! Don’t interfere with other people’s sessions, just apply basic common courtesy, really. If you spot something that looks a bit iffy, just tell one of the DMs or a SWAMP staffer, no worries.

And, of course, the Dungeon Monitor’s word is final – if one of them asks you to stop, then stop, have a re-think, and try again.

And that is about it. Just be polite, and safe.

So, whether you are a highly experienced thrower of rope, or just a curious newcomer to the delights of rope and bondage, this is an opportunity for you to share and learn, experiment and try things, meet new people, and above all, have a really fun time.


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