June – Introduction To Hair Fetish

Our demo this month is on a topic we’ve not presented before, so we’re really looking forward to finding out more. An Introduction To Hair Fetish will be presented by Beautiful Erotica – we’ll let her explain more:

“For many of us the idea of Hair Fetish is a new one. Discovering this topic a few years ago has led me down a very interesting, long rabbit hole. I find Hair Fetish to be a fascinating topic and would love to share its joy and intrigue with you.

This workshop will introduce you to the topic and the various kinks under the umbrella of the term “Hair Fetish”. Once you’ve started thinking about hair, hair play and hair fetish you’ll see it everywhere, most likely find parts of it in your life too.

There will be a demonstration of basic hair play, techniques, tools and hair products. Afterwards there will be a time where you will be able to try out what you’ve learnt if you would like to. It is always your choice on how you participate. Everything to do with your body depends entirely on your comfort level.

It is not necessary to attend with someone but it is a very enjoyable workshop for couples. Wear what you like but would recommend bringing your own brush or comb. It is a very interactive workshop where questions and comments are always welcome throughout; there will be a dedicated time at the end for this as well.”

Sounds interesting…

Please check out our June confirmed traders list – we’re hoping you’ll give a warm welcome to jamesmaikes having his first time trading at SWAMP.

This month’s evening party sees our regular bi-monthly Wax Play Station brought to you by Amanda & Rob of Bound In Leather & Submission.

Looking forward to sharing good times…