February 8th – Fire’s Back!

Come along on February 8th to witness SWAMP favourites Hyperbolt, Draconis666 and Grippa666 do what they do best.

As Hyperbolt explains:

“The playful and happy kinksters wish to entertain and inform you with a visual demonstration of the use of their favourite element – FIRE, in SM play.

We will be demonstrating fire torch play and will feature caressing, warming and gentle body burning, all accompanied by a quirky safety talk.

We hope to convey our pleasure, joy and professionalism, in a safe, sane and stylish way and want our torches to brighten your day!

So come along and enjoy the beauty and sensation of FIRE, at a fantastic venue.”

Always one of the most fascinating topics of play for both newcomers and experienced alike, we’ve lost count of the number of introductions made with people who are eager to get involved.

Now is your chance to learn more about this colourful and mesmerising form of Edgeplay in between shopping for some new kinky gadgets.

We look forward to seeing you.