On April 13th we will be pleased to have Firestarter present an Elastic Band Bondage demo for you. Regulars at SWAMP will have seen his intricate and fascinating work and this will be an opportunity to find out more. We’ll let him explain :-

As I’m sure some of you know and have seen, I have a fetish and passion for elastic bands. I have been playing and experimenting with bands for around two years now, I’m not sure how it started or where I got the idea. Lately I have been experimenting with them from a pure bondage and aesthetics side, to see how far I can go with them. I’m currently working on how to make complete outfits out of them.

I intend to show you these two different sides of Elastic Band Bondage in my demo, the more intricate decorative style and the quicker sadomasochistic style. To share my passion and why I’ve become slightly obsessed with them. I’m sure you will too once you see the fun that can be had with them.

The demo will take place at 3pm and entry is included in the £3 market ticket price.