February And Fire

One of the more fascinating spectacles in our public dungeon every month is the fire play performed by a trio of popular SWAMP regulars. For our Demo on February 9th they will be going one stage further…

“Draconis666, Grippa666 and Hyperbolt intend to titillate and enthral you with their joyous torches once more this Valentines month. May the fires of love be sparked in all your hearts.
We will be demonstrating torch play in our playful and quirky way, together with something we don’t do in public very often.
For the first time you will see us do true body burning, a little fuel dabbed on the fleshy areas and lit!!!
Hope you come, enjoy and have a giggle with us.”

The demo will start around 3 pm and last for approximately 45 minutes. The cost of entry is included in our £3 market ticket price.

Although small in number, our traders this month have a vast range of BDSM and alternative goods available. All are passionate about the lifestyle and deserve your support.

With all this on offer, plus an ever growing bunch of deliciously deviant types to mingle among, can you afford to miss it?